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Texas LTC CHL CCW Handgun Online Course

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Texas “Permit-less” Handgun Course

(Texas Concealed Carry Laws and Rules)

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Texas CHL License Benefits

Anyone wishing to carry a concealed handgun should get a Texas license to carry license so you are not bound by the restrictions and limitations that come with carrying without a license. You are always better off and have much more protection when you have a Texas license to carry card.




You can take the online class on your desktop, laptop, iPad or even on your smartphone while sitting on your couch! The online Texas LTC class is only 4 hours long and you can take it at your own pace. You can stop, log out and log back in and pick up right where you left off.  Take as much time or spread it out as long as you want!




The online course is so easy and affordable that everyone should have a Texas license to carry license so they don’t have to follow the restrictions and regulations that come with carrying without a license. The Texas LTC gives you more freedom and peace of mind when carrying.



  • Legally Carry Concealed In 37 States
  • Trespass Protection
  • Campus Carry
  • School Zone Carry
  • Peace of Mind When Carrying
  • Interactions With Law Enforcement


  • Learn The State Carry Laws
  • Bypass Background Check When Buying Firearms
  • Protection If Carrying Past No Firearms Signs
  • The Legal Protection A Texas LTC Provides
  • Fewer Restrictions WITH the License
  • The Texas LTC Card Is A Legal Form of ID

Texas LTC CHL CCW Basic Information

The Meaning of the Terms: LTC –  License To Carry; CHL – Carry or Concealed Handgun License; CCW – Carry Concealed Weapon